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The RJ on the radio is talking to the cine actress , Neena Gupta , basking in critical acclaim after the recent success of her newly released Hindi movie , “Badhai Ho”. The female RJ claims to have had a ‘Lady crush’ on Neena Gupta ever since the RJ  was a young child, sitting besides her mother and watching the actress storm the daily soap scene on Television.

The word ‘lady crush’ has stayed in my mind ever since and gave birth to a whirlwind of thoughts and sorts .

Having a ‘lady crush’ simply means to admire a member of the fairer sex, to look up to a female of the species , nurture a wish to emulate a lady idol or to simply  adore a girl /woman for a hundred reasons !

The choice lies solely in the eyes or heart of the admirer.

Why confine the word crush to the opposite sex or rather,why limit it to the opposite sex alone. Is ‘same gender’ appreciation  a taboo ? Or a rare phenomenon ?

Absolutely not .

An honest confession of a ‘lady crush’ breaks the commonly held myth that women can seldom admire each other.

Women can and actually do idolise  each other pretty much. It’s just that they get caught in the quagmire of ‘stereotyped boundaries ‘ and don’t break out into an ode or a song or a couplet for the same gender.  At the most ,we dare to hero worship our mothers or sisters , but seldom our contemporay female friends / co workers / partners.

We over think in this regard, perhaps. Apprehensions seize our thoughts before they dare to be expressed.

Let me confess openly that I have had more lady crushes than a so called boy crush

I have a lady crush on the young and vibrant actress Alia Bhatt for her sheer star presence on screen.

I have a huge lady crush on Sushmita Sen for daring to be a young single mother of two girls .

I have a strong lady crush on my middle aged school Principal who conducts herself with such elan and grace .

And I have a huge lady crush on my very own young daughter who is such a tigress and faces life with an attitude akin to what Simba had in the movie , The Lion King .

Admiration and adoration are not gender bound or age bound .

I would say they are ‘charisma ‘ bound !

Let’s get some admiration out of our Pandora boxes …..

Time for all my  friends to share their thoughts.

Who do you have a lady crush on ?

You may leave your comments  in the Comment box below

Remember , appreciation works wonders !

20 thoughts on “LADY CRUSH”

  1. An absolutely interesting read…we often get attracted towards opposite sex and a huge fan following follows but seldom appreciate person of same gender with an open heart and if ever we do it’s limited to cautious whisper…
    I am truely inspired by this blog…
    Let’s all take vow to break this myth …
    Keep writing and sharing these lovely thoughts ma’am which makes us wear our thinking cap.

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  2. Its very painful to hear that we women do not appreciate and are never happy with the success of other women . I have tried in my own way to break this stereotype opinion. Appreciation or telling someone how much they inspire you should never be limited to their sex.
    I have a ‘Lady crush’ on Deepika Padukone for her honesty and efforts for dealing with depression.
    But now i falling in love with u too ma”am for taking out time and doing what makes u happy….keep shining.

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  3. Wonderful read….It’s so common to like and appreciate the opposite sex……appreciating or encouraging same sex is very rare……It’s time we evolve from being stereo types…..


  4. If there is a thin line between admiration and Love. I think I have been overpowered by two powered ladies.
    One Mrs. Sophie Robertson her voice towards women empowerment imakes one realize the speciality of been born a woman.
    And for the past 4+ years I have been floored by the grace the elegance the passion of my current Boss Ms. Manjit. She is sheer magic and contagious. I have never once gone to bed without having a look at her image in any form.
    Do I assume I have a lady crush ….. May be. Yes.

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  5. I totally agree with the idea of “lady crush”. Gender doesn’t matter when u like someone and I proudly say that I love her because of her courage, beauty and intelligence etc.. and after reading this article I am actually in thoughts on my lady crushes .. 🤩
    So, I have a crush on all those women who are not dependent on men, who are living their dreams and who are ready to change according to the era.
    It’s an amazing article.. Thank you Manjit ma’am, you made my morning!!💕

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  6. Wonderful article Manjeet Ma’am. Another light on the topic. I started admiring you but my First Lady crush is Mrs .Marjorie Augustine with whom I had begun my career in the field of education!


  7. I have a lady crush on you ma’am. Your talent fuelled by your power and energy is very motivating. You have patience of a mountain as rock would be small. 😊. You are a role model for us. I also have a crush on my bhabhi Poonam. She is a great asset to our family.


  8. Awesome read. A very positive and progressive take on how we connect and influence each other as women. Look forward to many such insightful blogs from you,Manjit


  9. Very truly said why have we associated the word crush for opposite gender….. When we talk about admiration it can be anyone…. Rightly said by Mam that at the stage I am at I definetely have more lady crush…..🙂

    Mam definately you are one of the lady crush I have for the way you are… Your grace, your work , your charismatic personality and the list would go on…

    Lovely and inspirational read….

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  10. What an ususual perspective. Not sure how many emotions the word ‘CRUSH’ justifies. But if it represents respect, love, esteem, regards, honour, praise, admiration, inspiration then yes CRUSH has that power to influence me and say that I have a lady crush. It’s undoubtedly my GURU, My Lady Crush, the charismatic Manjit Mam whose aura has always given me the aspiration to reach the elite. You always inspire.
    Thank you Mam for bringing in this superb read.


  11. A lovely read indeed.. You always rock Manjit Ma’am! I too accept the fact that I have had more lady crushes than boy crushes! And I have always looked up to them for their hard work, uniqueness, success and sometimes for just the way they carry themselves. My first lady crush was my Music Teacher, Mrs. Amrita Khurana, who I emulated as a kiddo, and there was a long list since then. While many others would have told you and there’s nothing different I am telling you…but I have had a crush on you ever since I attended your training for the first time!
    Its great to know you and learn from you!


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