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The dictionary states the meaning of ‘altruism‘ as unselfish regard or devotion to the welfare of others .

If that be so , there can be no better champion of altruism than a teacher .

A teacher is ‘born’ for the sake of children.

Its very difficult to pinpoint the moment when her / his altruistic journey begins.

There is no course or syllabus that can totally equip the teacher  with the much needed  ‘ child facing techniques’. There are hundreds of theories that she/he rote learns but none prepares them for dealing with the most spontaneous , pure and intelligent of the species – the child.

All theories fly out of the window when the teacher is left alone in a class full of expectant and dynamic energies.

There is no single glove that fits all hands , there is no single trick that works the magic.

Gauging , innocent , mysterious eyes watch every single move of the teacher (no mother in law in any Hindi serial can beat this 🙂 )

She is ‘one’ and the class is ‘ many’. And the teacher is devoted to all.

The teacher  does not give up.

Emotions are at the heart of what teachers do and why they do it. Educators take up  teaching with dreams of changing the odds for disadvantaged children, inspiring a love for learning or developing critical thinkers.

Maths and Language are taught through books  but there are no periods  for teaching ‘thank you ‘ ‘please’ and ‘ May I ?’.

Those are not a part of the teacher’s  penned down role and responsibilities , but it’s a given.

Teaching is an emotional practise but no teacher training college has a curriculum that helps them build these competencies.

The teacher takes it up very very bravely and goes ‘beyond the curriculum’.

She still does not give up.

A teacher is required to be omnipresent . The Prime Minister of a nation can manage to take a trip overseas but the teacher finds it impossible to leave the class even for a minute . Tired muscles and aching feet – a smiling child is all they need !

The school bell rings but it doesn’t cut off the teacher’s umblical cord. She carries the children in her heart and mind (and these days the phone 🙂 as well )

Her family is the audience to a hundred tales of  children in  her class. Their antics , their concerns , their behaviour is passed around more than the casserole at the dining table . Her students squeeze into her ‘family time ‘ so very neatly.

There are so many rules in the school almanac that talk about how to deal with children.

But there is no rule  in the Parent Handbook that talks about ‘How to treat your child’s teacher?’.

She faces parental disappointments , their anxieties and fears like a champ.

She still doesn’t give up

Literacy is a given goal but she takes great effort in cultivating emotional literacy as well. She diligently makes progress notes, tracks family history and studies children’s behaviour in the playfield, library and all arenas out of the classroom as well. Does she need to do that ?

I guess not but still does so , for some strange reason.

There are many  who dare to mock and call her ‘just a teacher . The pay cheque at the end of the month never spirals her  to the HNI segment , nor entitles her to enjoy  a bank’s wealth management services.

She still does not give up.

Children graduate to the next class and eventually storm the world and make their own niche place. Some come back with an occasional thank you note and some do not. She knows that years later , she may just be reduced to a middle spot in the class photograph .

She still does not give up.

Rules and policies change more often than the text books  and many a times they clam and choke her.

She still does not give up. She is doggedly loyal to her children.

All she remembers is that those 20 or 30 or 40 cherubic faces in her class are dependent on her . And that gives her a motive.

No pay slip , no promotion and no appointment letter drives her. What drives her is that she feels ‘good about doing good ‘. She gets a helpers high . It is the children who energise her.

She neglects her health and willingly sacrifices her ‘me time ‘ for her class children.

She dares to nurture those ‘not borne from her womb’

Can there be a better example of altruism ?

On this Children’ s Day , let us salute these altruism unsung heroes and send out a cheer for them.


18 thoughts on “ALTRUISM AT ITS BEST”

  1. What a perfect way to acknowkedge and pay homage to all the teachers across the world…
    Truely ma’am how you connect simple basic things of everyday life and make us rethink of what we often ignore …like how the tales of children step into the teachers family time … so true so natural …
    Absolute must read for all teachers ..


    1. Simply Superb Manjit Mam.
      I could feel my pulse beating faster as my eyes skimmed through every word, bringing my very being to life. Because I love what I do. I am a teacher.


  2. Beautifully expressed, have seen you grow into this role from a young 20 year old girl, you are simply amazing as a wife, a mother and as an achiever. Kudos beautiful one!


  3. Simple, truthful yet amusing, that describes all. Goes straight to heart and makes so much sense whilst reading because You have lived the writing. Happy writing. And thanks for all the motivation. kudos !!!


    1. The article brings out the true meaning of being a teacher. Truly a teacher always have unconditional love towards the children!!!


  4. Feeling Very proud to be a teacher. Beautifully described the essence of teaching life. Cheers to teaching fratenity. Well described the importance of a teacher in every walks of life.


  5. This couldnt have been written any better. So descriptive that I revisited all those days. While I read each and every word, I go back in time and get a smile from ear to ear. Those smiling and curious faces of all my tiny tots came in front of my eyes. Thank u Manjit mam for bringing back this proud feeling on this special day.
    Happy Children’s Day.


  6. Very well Expressed Manjit !!
    This is so much filled wirh EQ that I, almost recalled every teacher who ever taught me in school by name.
    Wish to go and tell them “THANK YOU for what you have done to me 😊”


  7. A big salute to all the teachers for loving and teaching our kids unconditionally.
    Truly well written article mam. You all play a very important role the lives of our children.


  8. A big thank to all the teachers who are always there to guide us unconditionally. A great article ma’am. Truly inspirational.


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