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History must be chuckling at us as it has a totally new chapter to write today.

The word ‘lockdown’ will now get a new meaning in our lexicon and who knows , how many synonyms will this term have .

The lockdown has brought so many facets of our life to the fore.

Thinking aloud , I bring one such thought to the fore – When Normal was boring.

When going to work everyday was a drudgery.

When travelling in the metro was a crowded boring experience.

When going to school everyday , as a teacher or a student , was monotonous.

When checking examination papers was tedious and appearing for exams was dreadful.

When School assemblies were thought of as repetitive and regimented .

When sitting in the classroom was an ordeal and chit chat in the staffrooms was meaningless gossip.

When getting a pedicure done was a ‘have to do chore’ and ordering stuff online was routinely boring.

When workout sessions in the gym were a drag and a jaunt to the close by Shopping Mall was insipid

When Sunday visits to extended family was a “have to go there “ affair and attending weddings was a social compulsion.

When buying fruit from the Sunday bazaar was a noisy affair and one which I just had to do !

Ah ! wouldn’t I give my left arm today for a juicy Pizza Hut treat or a Mediterranean salad ?

For a walk in the crowded Dilli Haat or a distant relative’s wedding.

For a real classroom with real children drowning me in their vivacious cacophony.

For a walk in my school and a high pitched warm “Good morning mam “.

For a push in the airport queue and a jostle in the transit shuttle.

When whims of the heart and were just a call away for awesome fruition .

Such is life !

When normal was boring and the heart craved for a break from the boring.

And now , the same heart yearns for the boring to be back !

So how many of you out there are praying for the normal to be back ?

What are you missing the most ?

Come, let’s talk about it




4 thoughts on “WHEN NORMAL WAS BORING”

  1. I am longing to go for my work.. I am longing to go out and meet people … I am longing go go for my evening walk,which I dreaded mostly till before the lockdown… I am longing to go for my painting classes..I am longing to go out to the crowded vegetables market..


  2. Miss the cacophony and noisy streets, miss my children and my partner’ s goodnight and goodmorning hugs and kisses….and think of it….we all wanted ‘ Our Space’ . Now we are sick of that ‘ Space’ and yearn to be together. 😔


  3. So well written . Lockdown is an experience for us to understand the value of Life and how to be in the present always , we should enjoy and live in the moment most important 🙂 Waiting to get back to normal life and meet people around and hear them , am sure each one of them will have unique experience to share.

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  4. Very articulated description. The lockdown has taught us the value of a normal day. I am longing to get back my normal life, the noisy streets around my home, my evening walk, ‘Boithek’ cafe, where i can have my favourite book with a cappuccino, my office, my school visits, interaction with my team. Though it is equally inevitable that lockdown has decreased the pollution level. After a decade, every morning I wake up by the chirping of birds in my windowpane. From my terrace,pollution free water of the Ganges looks crystal clear. Even then, I want to get back my normal day. This will pass too. We shall overcome !!


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