The Rage !

Clearly , Day 4 and 5 belonged to the Thermal King – the Fever. (pun intended )

From a low grade fever the body temperature shot up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit .

The Virus was playing its power game to the optimum.

The symptoms vary from patient to patient and some are not ravaged by the fever. But the others , like me , who are – the trick is to make peace !

I tossed and turned  and went through a lot of mental anguish and then at last at the end of Day 5 , I made peace with the Fever. Just don’t fight it. Just try to live through it , to the best of your ability .

And that worked !

Try sponging if the fever goes high. I also kept my oxygen levels in constant check. Thankfully , the O2 levels remained fine.

My daughter pushed me in for a bath at the end of Day 5 . I think that is what finally broke the fever.

And once the fever broke, it  reminded me of a poem that we often read in school , Nissim Ezekiel’s – The Night of the Scorpion.  I totally aligned with the mothers sentiment in the poem. After having been stung by  a poisonous scorpion , she writhed in pain for 20 hours and all that she said at the end of the twenty hours was :

Thank God the scorpion picked on me

And spared my children .

I felt likewise !

Day 4 and 5 also brought in slight inflammation and pain in the throat , coupled with a cold.

I marvelled the way at which the mighty virus slowly spread its way through the body , limb by limb.

So to soothe the throat , a simple warm concoction of ginger , cinnamon , saffron and honey is good enough.  A lot of people had recommended the sachet by Patanjali but I found them to be out of stock at Amazon.  But no worries , the home made concoction serves pretty well.

And I carried on with steam inhalation , thrice a day.

To be honest,  the fever made it difficult to do the breathing exercises on Day 4 and 5 . So I skipped them. I was too weak to exercise. So I listened to my body diktat.

Day 6 was also spent with intermittent spells of fever.

Food remained very light and largely consisted of dal – chawal.

The anti flu medicines also make you very thirsty and dehydrated , so its good to keep the fluid intake very high. It helps in flushing out the fever as well.

I did try to read   and one can manage reading in those periods of the day  when the head is not fuzzy . But to be honest I did not enjoy it . I actually stated to enjoy reading from Day 7 onwards.

I kept my urge to write intact by adding on to my lexicon of visual vocabulary . And that kept me going through tough times.

I would definitely recommend limited screen time as it exerts the overtaxed body . So I did not indulge in any Netflix binge watching !

WHAT HELPED :  Home made kadaa, steam inhalation , warm saline water gargles , home made food like dal chawal, medication on time.

                              A silent Gratitude list to make you count your blessings .

                              A shout out for the family & friends out there , working round the clock to keep you healthy and safe.

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