Thankfully , the fever receded on Day 7 .

And the feeling you get is akin to the sight you behold of a receding High tide. It leaves behind a lot of pebbles, driftwood and debris, right ?

That’s exactly what the fever in the Covid journey does. When it moves on , it leaves behind a frail body and a tired mind.

So I spent my days in regaining my physical and mental strength.

Drink a lot of fluids . Drink whatever appeals to your palette but avoid refrigerated drinks. I drank a lot of fresh orange juice, glasses of Rhu Afza and plain water as well. That really helps.

Try to go back to practising your breathing exercises.

Keep a regular check on O2 levels and the body temperature.

Light reading is just fine. Make sure you read under a good light. And read something that lifts you up. The book I started to read was  “Gay neck – the story of a pigeon carrier” by Dhan Gopal Mukerjee.  The story of a 15 year old boy who grows up to be a wildlife expert.

 I avoided reading about the gory details of Covid aftermath and stuck to positive reading.

I read this interesting med talk forwarded by a friend and found it very useful ,   https://youtu.be/z5aiZ8Kq2jk

After 9 days , the virus will in all probability leave your body but will leave symptoms behind . Symptoms like loss of taste , cold and cough, difficulty in breathing , ulcers , asthma, dry cough , constipation  like symptoms. So we need to  treat it like post viral inflammatory response . For this we don’t need the services of a Covid Hospital , we can get treated at a regular hospital  .

The virus is non transmissible after 9 days . We have to deal with the damage now .

Honestly speaking , I was very relieved after reading this.  “Where does the virus go”,  “ Does it mutate further “ – are questions which I have left for laters.  Right now , I am relieved that it is on its way out . Go , went , gone !

Keep the  windows open for good circulation and isolation from others is a must.

Rest and follow what your body says.

I felt extremely fatigued and tired from Day 7 onwards.

I completed my dose of antibiotics and I need to go back to the doctor for video consultation after the second round of testing.

The Covid Test stands scheduled for Day 15

And  I have my fingers crossed .

Not just for me but for all those who are suffering.

What Helped : Lots of fluids , home cooked food , eating on time , rest it out.

Stay positive . Look out for the silver lining. Be a support to those who you know are still in the grip of Covid.

Stay isolated till advised otherwise by the doctor.

Covid is everywhere. But so is God.

1 thought on “COVID DIARIES”

  1. Very nicely written Ma’am
    Me and my whole family were suffering from COVID-19 in that time you through your blogs gave me hope and advices which I would be eternally grateful for as they helped me over come this virus with ease
    Thank you ma’am

    Liked by 1 person

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