6y2a2151 (2)A group of motivated  and passionate women ran a Fearless Midnight Run in the city of Durg -Bhillai recently. They all came dressed in pink, in singles and as families , from young girls to young mothers to women in prime . Cheerful , enthusiastic and keen faces thronged the arena which reeked of high energy and great camaraderie.

The moment I read of the event , it set me thinking.

The word used was ‘Courageous women’ – in my eyes two synonyms used at the same time !

I mean, the word ‘woman’ tantamounts to courage , isnt it ?.

The very DNA of a woman speaks of courage . The very fact that the only homosapiens who dare to nurture , is a woman.

The one in whom Nature bestowed the life giving womb , is woman.

And in my eyes, to nurture and recreate is one of the biggest act of valour.

To all the women who made the darkness shine with their abundant energy on the night of the Run, the effort will bear complete fruition and multiply further  when you carry it to all the days ahead of you .

  • Nurture your daughters to follow their passion freely
  • Nurture your sons to speak of their fears freely
  • Do not fear to accept yourself the way you are
  • Drive away the cliché fear – what will people say ?
  • Stop fearing change – it’s the only constant in life
  • Do not fear another’s talent – appreciate it
  • Do not fear asking for help – it is actually a brave thought !
  • Courage does not mean absence of fear. It means taking a step ahead with ‘fear’ neatly packed in a backpack and slung over our shoulder.


On a lighter note , why do we never hear of a Fearless Midnight Run by Men ?

Does it mean that men are proven fearless and don’t need to re iterate that ?

Certainly not. A lot of gentlemen will agree that they are caught by fear many a times – fear at work, fear of wife :), fear at learning a new skill , fear of parent and so on. Its just that societal norms do not encourage men to talk openly about their fears.

And to the contrary , societal norms encourage women to feel the fear ! To be fearful at every new step.

When will Fear turn gender neutral ?

The day it does , that is the day we will celebrate as an epic one .

That is the day we will pehaps have many ‘Midnight Fearless Run by Men as well ‘.

Till then , a cheerful high Five to all the women out there who ran the midnight marathon !

Not just the night , but carry the spirit of fearlessness into all your waking hours as well.



  1. Correctly said “fear” is always synonymous with women…men never accept their fears but in reality all human beings have their set of fears…

    Let’s all educate our daughters to be fearless and sons to accept their fears and speak about them..

    Such a lovely and awe inspiring write up…


  2. Fear lives in the mind, let fear not rule us…
    Excellent article, lets teach our daughters to be courageous… And teach our sons to talk about their fears openly..
    Inspiring one…


  3. It’s truly a time to teach our sons to respect women and their NO… Women need to be fearless and courageous… Lovely article over an awesome Mid night run by fearless women:)


  4. Writers put emotions into words and the emotions of all the fearless women ran this Midnight Run and Ma’am women like you are running the fearless run of writings.. 👏🏻👌🏼


  5. Great way by these Women to address the the most unattended agenda- FEAR !!
    Very well written and expressed 👍🏼
    Keep inspiring !!


  6. Ma’am rightly said that everything the way we take it, accept it, am sure it will reach and change all the pretty women mindset who has fear and shy… you are really a great motivator ma’am.. Thank you


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